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Day 1   Ubud, Lokha Ubud Hotel

Arrived quite late, it was stuffy and close and the airport smelt damp. My transfer picked me up as planned and was very accommodating, in so much as he stopped at an ATM so I could get some cash. It was really busy and the traffic was appalling - bikes, scooters and cars everywhere. There doesn't seem to be any road rules at all, as everyone just cuts across in front and comes from both sides - this is going to drive me bonkers.

It was going dark as we headed into the hills and for Ubud on roads that were really narrow - a little less traffic but still busy and now dealing with dogs, pigs and cows as well as the plethora of motor bikes and scooters, then the rain started. The roads were awash and at times I wondered if we'd make it to the hotel, not a great deal to see as there were no street lights as we weaved our way through tiny villages, up steep inclines and through flooded areas of road.

We eventually made it to the Hotel, Lokha Ubud, a very smart building built into the hillside, my room was on the same level as the reception and as it was dark I was quite unaware of the position of the hotel - I was to be suitably impressed in the morning.

The room was large with a bathroom which had a strange configuration - the bath is set in a frame which was difficult to get into, with one side against a full size picture window. The shower is in the centre of the bath which means when its used the water floods over the edge as there is no shower curtain on the window side. Really weird!!!

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My name is Eileen Edmondson

born 04 11 50 at home Nelson Lancashire.

I've Always had a passion for the outdoors and natural history.

I spent a large part of my working life in education working in outdoor centres with young people and adults, developing and delivering management training courses using the outdoors.

Now retired and determined to visit all those far away places of my childhood dreams.

I  started a few years ago with my 1st Safari in Tanzania, then South Africa both had a profound effect on me.

I'm now off on my 1st round the world trip ....& .....already thinking about what I can afford next.

Come on follow me and share my journey!


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