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Day 1
Arrived in Jaipur late at night - Diwali lights were visable as we landed it looked pretty amazing. My taxi was waiting and I was whisked off to my hotel. The traffic is pretty bad even though it was midnight, lots of motor bikes, tuktuks and scooters. The hotel didn't look too bad but not up to my usual standards and certainly not a patch on the Element!!  Once I'd checked in I went straight to bed and slept well.

Day 1   Ubud, Lokha Ubud Hotel

Arrived quite late, it was stuffy and close and the airport smelt damp. My transfer picked me up as planned and was very accommodating, in so much as he stopped at an ATM so I could get some cash. It was really busy and the traffic was appalling - bikes, scooters and cars everywhere. There doesn't seem to be any road rules at all, as everyone just cuts across in front and comes from both sides - this is going to drive me bonkers.

Day 1 Jakarta

Flight from Flores to Jakarta went well with no hicoughs and the transfer was waiting for me. We had a long drive into town arriving about 8.00pm, where I was staying at The Holiday Inn - I'm not sure quite why I've been booked in here it's miles from the airport. I'm here overnight having arrived around 8.00pm and needing to leave at 8.00am to get back to the airport it seems a bit far for not a great deal of time.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please come back soon for more interesting news!
I‘m Eileen

My name is Eileen Edmondson

born 04 11 50 at home Nelson Lancashire.

I've Always had a passion for the outdoors and natural history.

I spent a large part of my working life in education working in outdoor centres with young people and adults, developing and delivering management training courses using the outdoors.

Now retired and determined to visit all those far away places of my childhood dreams.

I  started a few years ago with my 1st Safari in Tanzania, then South Africa both had a profound effect on me.

I'm now off on my 1st round the world trip ....& .....already thinking about what I can afford next.

Come on follow me and share my journey!


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Eileen Edmondson

Hi, I'm on a round the world trip. Why not join me here to keep up with what I get up to!

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