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Follow my Adventure

The itinerary for the trip is long and complicated but here goes an attempt to make it as simple as possible - here goes:

I leave Manchester on the 18th May and travel to London where I'll be meeting up with my BFV Hilary to start my adventures. We've already booked tickets to see Ballet Rambert at Sadlers Wells after a meal at one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants. Other things on the agenda on Friday are a tour an open top bus, a visit to a gallery, and seeing the Carol King Musical Beautiful.

eileen route map

I fly to Bermuda on Sat where I hope to see some of the boats entered in the Americas Cup doing their sea trials prior to the start of racing on May 26th the day after I've left! I then head for Miami and the Keys where I have a couple of trips booked to Key West and into the Everglades. I'll be exploring the beaches,the city and celebrity spotting too.

Heading into Ecuador for 5 days and a trip to the centre of the Earth to stand astride the Equator before flying to the Galapagos to join the yacht Daphne for a 10 day cruise round the islands. Unfortunately not visiting any of the ones featured in the TV series so no pink lizards for me. My next landfall is Santiago in Chile where I have a short break before heading out to Rapu Nui (Easter Islands). A four day tour there will have me exploring the quarries and Moais the Islands are known for.

Tahiti and the grass skirts of French Polynesia are the delights that await me after the Moais. I will be exploring a few of the Islands in the atoll between the 26th June and the 6th July including 2 nights on Bora Bora - an overwater bungalow. My next stop is Raratonga in the Cook Islands where im having a couple of stops for a breather.

New Zealand next stop for a 4 day tour in the North Island, Rotorua to be exact. I leave Aukland for Fiji on the 20th July. I have 10 days in Fiji on the Coral Coast and on 'Paradise Island' Taveuni  where there are reportedly a large population of various rare birds.

On the 30th July I'm flying to Vanuatu  - nothing planned here so looking at relaxing and joining a few tours once I get there. On the 9th I leave for Australia for a couple of months have lots to do and loads of people to see family, friends and friends of friends - keeping this short for the time being. There'll be more once I'm there.

After Australia it's Indonesia on the 6th October for 10 days. Bali, Flores and Komodo where I'm going to chase down the dragons - I'll be staying well clear don't want to get bitten. The last leg of the journey takes me to India on the15th via Jakarta  and Kuala Lumpur. Delhi, Jaipur Agra and Rathamborne to see if we can spot sone Tigers. Once this tour is over I'm heading home arriving in London on Sunday 29th - hopefully heading back to Manchester on the same day depending on flights and London traffic.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please come back soon for more interesting news!
I‘m Eileen

My name is Eileen Edmondson

born 04 11 50 at home Nelson Lancashire.

I've Always had a passion for the outdoors and natural history.

I spent a large part of my working life in education working in outdoor centres with young people and adults, developing and delivering management training courses using the outdoors.

Now retired and determined to visit all those far away places of my childhood dreams.

I  started a few years ago with my 1st Safari in Tanzania, then South Africa both had a profound effect on me.

I'm now off on my 1st round the world trip ....& .....already thinking about what I can afford next.

Come on follow me and share my journey!


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Eileen Edmondson

Hi, I'm on a round the world trip. Why not join me here to keep up with what I get up to!

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